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How to Change Setting in SAP for Exporting Data in Excel?

Updated May 18, 2018

Hello All,
While exporting data from SAP, after selecting option as spreadsheet, it automatically selects XXL format, which has limited range for exporting instead of Excel format.
Please tell me how can we change the setting in SAP for exporting data in excel?
If anyone knows anything related to it then please share that with me here.

Thanks in Advance!


  • 26 Aug 2015 5:57 pm Abhijeet Mudgal

    Program SALV_BS_ADMIN_MAINTAIN, you would require authorization for this first to change. So, please have a look and give a try to it.

  • 26 Aug 2015 5:57 pm Jyoti Pandey

    Ok thanks I will check with the client.