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Customization SAP Guide Free Download (Argentina Country)

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Customization SAP Guide Free Download (Argentina Country)

This is the most comprehensive Customization Guide i have ever met which consists of step step advise for each topics with screen prints and very clear definitions under:

General Settings
Define Countries, Set Currencies, Set Calendar etc…

Enterprise Structure
Define Company, Maintain Controlling Area, Define Location, Maintain Sales Office, Maintain Storage Location, Assign Company code to company/credit control area/controlling area, Assign Plant to Company code, Assign Sales Organization to Company code, Assign Purchasing Organization to Company code etc…

Configuring Material Master,Field Selection, Maintain Company Codes for Materials Management, Material Types, Define Material Groups/Divisions/Material Statuses/Number Ranges for EANs/UPCs (Barcode), Maintain Authorizations and Authorization Profiles etc…

Sales And Distribution
Define Customer Groups, Define Delivery Priorities, Define Terms of Payment, Define Incoterms, Define Sales Document Types, Define Purchase Order Types, Define Billing Types, Define Order Types for Intercompany Billing, Define Sales Activity Types etc…

Materials Management
Consumption-Based Planning, Define Number Ranges for Planning Run, Define MRP Controllers, Define Order Profile, Configure MRP List / Stock/Requirements List, Define Tax Jurisdiction, Define Shipping Instructions, Define Terms of Payment, Check Incoterms, Create Purchasing Groups etc.