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Define Posting Keys

Updated May 18, 2018



Financial Accounting
  Financial Accounting global Setting
      Line Items
          Define Posting Keys

In this activity, you define posting keys. Users specify a posting key before entering a line item. The posting key controls how the line item is entered and processed.

For each posting key, you define among other things:

  • which side of an account can be posted to,
  • which type of account can be posted to, and
  • which fields the system displays on the entry screens and whether an entry must be made (field status).

Use the posting keys delivered with the standard system.

1. Check the standard settings.
2. Modify them if necessary.

In particular, you may need to make changes to customer and vendor posting keys if a different field status is required

Posting Keys

Posting Keys

Complete the screen by filling the required data and press enter.

Posting Keys

Reverse key is the posting key to be used for reversing the data created by using the original posting key for that transaction.


  • 30 Jan 2013 7:16 pm Muhammad Umar
    Are Posting Keys defined at the Client Level????
  • 14 Apr 2013 7:25 pm Frederik Tetteroo
    Hi Muhammad,

    The posting keys are defined at client level; and consequently apply to all company

    Cheers, Fred