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Difference between FBCJ and F.01 Reports

Updated May 19, 2018

FBCJ (Cash Journal) vs F.01 (Financial Statement)

Hello SAP Experts,

While executing FBCJ (Cash Journal) and F.01 (Financial Statement) I found that the balance in both FBCJ and F.01 reports differ from each other.

Please explain me the cause of this issue and how can I resolve this.


  • 11 Jul 2017 4:40 pm Sushma Helpful Answer
    1. Cash Journal Balance existing in both saved or posted cash journal documents is displayed by the system because when we save the cash journal document a real document is created in the cash journal.
    2. Now, in the same manner, document number in the cash journal will be created and in order to avoid inconsistent data, the balance is modified accordingly.
    3. When we save ant document the real document is created and stored in table TCJ_DOCUMENTS and TCJ_POSITIONS.
    4. Now the balance of the cash journal gets modified in TCJ_BALANCE.
    5. Only the balance in Cash journal gets updated the balance of G/L balance in FI for ex. t-code FS10N, FAGLL03, FBL3N etc.does not get updated.
    6. Due to this although the saved document is the genuine document in the cash journal along with an internal document number i.e POSTING_NUMBER but the same is not genuine in FI document as it is still to be posted.
    7. Once the FI document is posted it can be displayed like a follow-on document in FI and balance will also be modified in real FI.