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Difference between Tcode FK01 vs XK01 vs MK01 Screens

Updated Aug 07, 2023

In any organization, managing master data is crucial for efficient and accurate business processes. In SAP (Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing), three essential transaction codes - FK01, XK01, and MK01 - play a key role in creating and maintaining master data. This article explores the differences between these codes and their significance in managing vendor and customer data.

FK01: Vendor Master Data Management

Tcode FK01 is the go-to transaction code for creating Vendor Master Data in SAP. Vendors are crucial entities that supply goods and services to the organization. When using FK01, users can maintain vendor master data in two levels:

  • General Data: This level includes basic information about the vendor, such as name, address, and contact details. This data is shared across all company codes within the organization.
  • Company Code Data: At this level, specific data for each company code can be defined. Details such as payment terms, bank information, and other financial data are customized according to the requirements of individual company codes. This facilitates efficient financial transactions and ensures accurate bookkeeping.

XK01: Customer Master Data Management

On the other hand, Tcode XK01 is employed for creating Customer Master Data in SAP. Customers are vital for an organization as they are the recipients of goods and services. XK01 allows users to maintain customer master data in three levels:

  • General Data: Similar to vendor master data, this level contains essential customer information like name, address, and contact details. This data is shared across all sales areas within the organization.
  • Company Code Data: At this level, users can specify customer-specific data for each company code. It includes accounting and financial aspects relevant to a particular company code. This level ensures that the organization can handle customer transactions effectively and maintain accurate financial records.
  • Purchase Organization Data: This level contains data specific to the customer from the perspective of a particular purchasing organization. These procurement-related details are used in materials management processes, such as purchasing, to streamline procurement activities.

MK01: Vendor Master Data at Purchase Organization Level

Tcode MK01 is used for maintaining Vendor Master Data at the purchase organization level. A purchasing organization is responsible for procurement activities within an organization. With MK01, organizations can create vendor master data tailored to the requirements of a specific purchasing organization. This includes procurement-related information such as purchasing conditions, delivery tolerance, and other procurement-specific details.


Master Data Management is a critical aspect of running a smooth and efficient business in SAP. Tcodes FK01, XK01, and MK01 provide the necessary tools to create and manage vendor and customer master data effectively. By maintaining accurate and up-to-date master data, organizations can ensure seamless financial transactions, streamlined procurement processes, and enhanced customer relationship management. Understanding the distinctions between these transaction codes empowers businesses to make informed decisions and leverage SAP's capabilities to their advantage.