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Difference between Hard Currency and Group Currency?

Hard Currency vs Group Currency

Hello Experts,

In OKKP, when Assignment Control = 2 cross-company-code, What is the difference between hard currency and group currency?

Kindly share your views, Thanks in advance.



  • 13 Mar 2018 4:42 pm Sushma Helpful Answer

    Group Currency

    The group currency is defined at a level in table T000-WAERS, therefore, the group currency is the same for all company codes which are defined in the SAP installation.

    As the name suggests group currency is used to enable cross-company postings in controlling for company codes which use different company code currencies

    Hard currency

    Hard currency is the currencies based on country of the Company code therefore hard currencies are the same for all Company codes defined in the one country. The configuration for hard currency is performed at the country level 

    Hard Currencies are used in high inflation countries in order to improve the value of the transaction. The document automatically gets updated in the local currency when a hard currency is selected.