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Difference between t-code GR21 and FGI3

Updated Dec 04, 2023

What is t-code GR21?

T-Code GR21 is the gateway to the world of Report Painter, a powerful user-defined reporting tool that empowers users to design their own reporting layouts. This tool is particularly useful for creating custom reports for Profit and Loss (P&L), Balance Sheet, Cost Center Reporting, and Profit Center Reporting.

GRR3: Rooted in Report Writer, GRR3 provides a platform for crafting reports related to Controlling (CO) aspects, such as Cost Centers and Internal Orders.

What is t-code FGI3?

T-Code FGI3 is associated with Financial (FI) Drill Down reporting. This functionality is tailored to meet the specific requirements of drilling down into financial data for a detailed analysis.

FGI1: Based on Report Painter, this transaction code allows users to delve into financial data with the flexibility of customization offered by Report Painter.

FGI1 vs GRR3

While FGI3 focuses on FI Drill Down reporting, GR11 is more aligned with Report Painter. The choice between the two depends on the nature of the report one intends to create. For instance, General Ledger (GL) balances might find a more suitable home in FGI3 (or FGI1), whereas Cost Center reports are typically crafted using GRR3 (or GRR1).

While FGI3 caters to Financial drill-down reporting, GRR3 is the go-to for crafting custom reports related to Controlling aspects within SAP.