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Difference between FS10N and FAGLB03

Updated May 18, 2018

Hello friends,

FS10N vs FAGLB03

It was noted that the GL account Balance Display are different for the one GL account in FS10N & FAGLB03.

Why its happening?

Our version is ECC 5.0

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  • 20 Aug 2008 7:20 pm PJB Helpful Answer
    it depends on the selection on FAGLB03.
    In FS10N the account balance is for a fiscal year (2008)fom 0101 on

    In FAGLB03:
    -Open Items: all open items, not limited to a fiscal year, open items for year 2007, 2006, ... were also displayed.

    -only cleared items

    -all items (cleared&open) without postig date not limited,
    with postig date from 01012008-today for example the balance may be the same.
  • 23 Aug 2008 2:41 am Shalesh Singh Visen
    This is happening as FS10N is used for the the GL account balance as per the company code now one company code may have a leading ledger and a non leading ledger and we may use to see such balances in FAGLB03.
  • 26 Aug 2008 2:46 am Shalesh Singh Visen
    Can u check up when you have done the balance carry forward. When you
    do balance carry forward before beginning of financial year. This
    happens. 1st check when it was done , if it was donw before financial
    year end please run it again the problem will be solved
  • 15 Sep 2008 2:32 am Manoj
    The answer to the query "when do we need non-leading ledgers and how do we customize them?"

    SAP provides the leading ledger OL and totals table FAGLFLTEXT with the standard system. The leading ledger manages additional currencies in the company codes and use fiscal year variant and posting period variant that is assigned to a company code. However the values from the leading ledgers are posted to CO in the standard system.

    Multiple / non leading ledgers are useful for portraying accounting in accordance with different accounting principles. This is because a local view such as US GAAP in the US is no longer sufficient by
    itself in a globalized world of creditors (banks, shareholders) and business partners. An internationally recognized accounting standard is increasingly in demand.

    The non-leading ledgers can then be assigned currencies and fiscal year variants that differ from the leading ledger.
    The path for customizing is under Financial Accounting (New) ->
    Financial Accounting Global Settings (New) ->Ledgers -> Ledger ->
    Define and Active Non-Leading Ledgers.

    An additional, non-leading ledger can be useful, for example , if your company wants to model the same company code with different fiscal year variants, for example :The leading ledger user FY variant K4, while the non-leading ledger uses FY variant V9.

    Hope this is helpful.
    Kind regards,