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Document entry - Screen Variant

Updated May 19, 2018

I am new to FI arena, certified 6 months back and looking for a job and practising in my own computer.
While customer invoice entry (FB70), I wanted to set a different payment term, in line item other than customer master record.
Where should I change the configuration to accept any new payment term for any particular invoice. Below are my guess.
1) We can reset the default payment term in document header, under payment tab, for the selected customer. Does this mean line item payment term?
2)I changed FSV of gl a/c (Dr - 800200 - Revenue) so that it's now an optional entry. Now I want to enter a different payemnt term here, but that field does not appear. So wanted to change existing screen variant or create a new one to include this field. How can I do that.


  • 06 Jun 2009 9:18 pm Guest

    The payment term in the customer vendor becomes defaulted during document entry. However, you can change this during document entry in FB60 and FB70. Manual entry in the line items of the document takes precedence over the payment in the master record. For point number 1, you are right.

    For point number 2, it doesn't makes sense to see the payment term in a GL account for Revenue items. Payment term should be used for Vendor or Customer account only. You are not paying the revenue account so why calculate the net due date for that?