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Entry does not exist in table T007A - Message no. 00058

Updated May 18, 2018

When I try to copy an existing expense type and error occurs. When trying to save or change an expense report, this error occur and I cant save the data.

Entry does not exist in table T007A - Message no. 00058

In the webdynpro portal pages or in transaction PR05, save an expense report or travel request and same error "entry does not exist in table T007A - message no.00058" occurs.

The error then occurs when saving the expense type, even though you could input the tax code.


  • 27 May 2016 6:18 pm Abhijeet Mudgal Best Answer

    Firstly, verify in the IMG path "Define Global Settings" > SPRO> Financial Accounting > Travel Management > Travel Expenses > Master Data > Control Parameters for Travel Expenses > Define Global Settings,  that you have both molga and trip provision variant maintained. 

    Also check in the IMG activity "Define Global Settings" (this can also be accessed through transaction SM30 via  table V_706D_B) that this is filled with the same home country as per the global settings in the IMG and also "input tax" if required is defined with country key (further to step 1)

    Run transaction SM30 and with maintenance view for  table V_T706B1 verify that there are no " " (blank) entries in the tax code field.
    Ultimately, the tax code is defined in T007A and then needs to be matching in V_706D_B (global settings) and then the expense type to avoid the error.