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Error AA669 Fiscal year Y is already closed during 0FI_AA_20 extraction

I am getting an error message AA669 ("Fiscal year YYYY is already closed in Financial Accounting") while trying to extract DataSource 0FI_AA_20.

Regenerate the Error

Please follow the steps below in order to regenerate the issue 

At source system side:

1) First, call t-code RSA3

2) Enter the following parameters:

  • DataSource 0FI_AA_20
  • Update mode Delta (D)

3) Now enter proper selection criteria for fields BUKRS (company code) and FISCPER (fiscal period)

4) Then start the extraction

5) At last click on the "Log" button after the extraction finishes


At BW side:

  • First please trigger a 0FI_AA_20 extraction
  • Now switch to the Monitor screen
  • Then wait until the extraction finishes and refresh the screen
  • Now please check the "Error Messages" in the "Status" tab

Note: The error message will only appear in BW after implementing SAP Document 2121129 in the source system, otherwise, just a normal message "Errors in source system" (RSM340) appears in BW.


The error AA669 occurs if the fiscal year you are trying to extract data for is still open is Asset Accounting but closed in Financial Accounting. This is an inconsistency because, in general, the fiscal year in the FI-AA sub-ledger must always be closed before the fiscal year in the general ledger.


Please do the following in order to resolve this error:

Either close fiscal year you would like to extract in Asset Accounting


Open the fiscal year in Financial Accounting again, if possible