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Error with exchange rate when clear open items in F-44, F-32, F-03

Dear all,

I hit the error: Exchange rate difference accts are not defined for account currency INR when trying to post in F-32 in production environment.
In F-44, F-03 we cannot charge off differences between 2 line items which total amount is 0.
However, in DEV and QAS, we can post document in F-32 (F-44, F-03) without any errors.
We are using R/3 release 4.6C.
I already checked in OBA1, OB09 and OBY6, G/L master data, customer master data but there is no differences in configuration between DEV, QAS and PRD.

Table T030HB and T030 in PRD are the same with QAS.
I would appreciate any of your reply.
Thank you very much.






  • 01 Aug 2013 1:29 am Guest
    Hi Linh,

    Did you find a solution for this?