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f110 in sap

Updated May 07, 2022

In this SAP tutorial, the users will learn what is SAP t-code F110 in SAP ERP and step by step procedure to run an Automatic Payment Program in SAP via t-code F110.

What is the Automatic Payment Program (F110)?

The F110 is t-code for automatic payment run in SAP ERP. The Automatic Payment Run system helps the SAP user easily keep track of invoice status. An SAP user can send payment notices to vendors: informing them that payments have been processed.

How to Run Automatic Payment Program?

Execute the t-code F110 in SAP Command Field


Next on the Automatic Payment Transactions: Status screen enter the following fields;

  • Run Date: Enter the date for transaction torun
  • Identification: Enter a four-character alphanumeric code that will be used to identify the payment program

Run Date

Now under the Parameter tab specify the following fields

  • Posting Date
  • Company code
  • Payment method 
  • Next payment date


Also, specify the range of vendors that you want to select items for payment.


Now in the Free Selection tab, you can select additional filter parameters. This tab is optional and not usually used therefore you can skip this section.

Free Selection

  • Now go to the Additional Log section and tick all the checkboxes except for the third one
  • Also under the Account required heading enter the range for vendors that you are paying.

Note: These additional log configurations are used when running a payment proposal.

Additional Log

Next, go to the Printout/data medium tab and choose a variant against a program. This variant specifies the format of the checks to be printed.

Printout/data medium

Click the Save icon to save all the configuration 


A message Details have been saved will be displayed on your screen.

Details saved