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SAP FICO Valuation Interview Questions and Answer

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SAP FICO Valuation Interview Questions and Answer

FAQ on FICO Valuation 

Q. Since Colorado severance taxes are contingent on volume or value, how should the entries be made in PRA?

A. You can enter the value or volume in the State Tax Rates transaction (Logistics -> Production and Revenue Accounting -> Revenue Accounting -> Valuation -> Tax Master Data -> State Tax Rates).

To make the tax continugent on volume, you would complete the volume field and leave the value rate as zero.  Likewise, to make the tax continugent on value, you would complete the value field and leave the volume rate as zero.

Q. How can sliding scale formula reserved words be used?

A. The sliding scale reserved words (VOLSSCALE for override volume and VALSSCALE for override value) can be used on any formula, but the override amount is taken into consideration only when the system processes settlement diversity.

Q. When a network has a rejected entry, what do I need to do to process it further?

A.  You use the Valuation Rejects Selection for Delete transaction (Logistics -> Production and Revenue Acocunting -> Revenue Accounting -> Valuation -> Valuation Processing -> Valuation Rejects Selection for Delete) to delete rejected transactions so that they are not processed in future Valuation jobs.

Q. I'm using the Valuation Prior Period Selection transaction and would like to delete a prior period notification (PPN).  I selected the PPN to be deleted and saved the transaction, but the PPN is not deleted from the list.  Why not?

A. Selecting the PPN for deletion and saving the transaction only marks the PPN for deletion; the system does not actually delete the PPN from the system until the VL batch launcher is executed.

The launcher is used for nightly processing of multiple networks.  It creates VL documents for every network closed through Production and Contractual Allocation, and it attempts to value and post all eligible valuation documents.  At the end of this process, the launcher deletes the PPNs marked for deletion.

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