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Difference between Account and Costing based Profitability in COPA

Updated May 18, 2018

Account Based Profitability vs. Costing Based Profitability 

Hello Experts,

What is the difference between account based profitability and costing based profitability in CO-PA.

Kindly share your view here.


  • 15 Oct 2015 7:21 pm Sreedhar Tata Helpful Answer

    Account based profitability in CO-PA.

    Account based-Profitability analysis when account based copa is configured copa is updated through gl accounts -VKOA -Sales flow. Accout based sales flow tuch the GL accounts automatically update the account based -CO-PA .

    Costing based profitability in CO-PA

    When Costing based profitability analysis update VKOA Process -invoice generate and updated ,when invoice posted -COGS /Inventory /Aount update in CO -Cycle in VKOA and sales cycle. When trigger the condition type -invoice posted the co based copa updates at KOFI/KOFK and fico  related condition types updates from SD, MM,CRM. By that way condition types from SD, MM, CRM will be mapped to CO-PA value fields.