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Account 100005 already exists Message no. F2007

Updated May 18, 2018

Hi Experts,

Not able to create vender, getting the below mentioned error...please help me out...
"Account 100005 already exists
Message no. F2007"


  • 22 May 2014 9:37 am Chandan Singh Parihar Best Answer

    Go to XKN1.Creat vendor num range.releted with ur ccode name.give from number and to number.dont select the ext num check box.
    Then goto OBAS assign ur a/c num range to ur a/c group. Then creat vendor mastar data in FK01.
    Give ur a/c group and ur ccode. Then press enter.system will autometically pick the vendor number

  • 31 May 2014 6:25 pm Shalesh Singh Visen Helpful Answer

    Hi ur vendor a/c num 100005 is alredy chek ur. Ac group.obd3. And wt ever ur assign ur a/c number range. Ur num ranges are alredy use to anather a/c group.then creat new num range.deselect the ext num range chek box.and save.system is alow Sequencel order.k do it.

  • 31 May 2014 6:26 pm Chandan Singh Parihar Helpful Answer

    Vendor master data is client level data dude
    N wn ur creating a vendor the ac num vll be blank
    N that ac num generated by system it self