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How GL Accounts are Picked in FI MM Integration?

Updated May 18, 2018

Hello Experts,

Could someone please explain, how the GL Accounts are picked in FI MM Integration?

Please explain the PO and Non-PO scenarios. This will be of much help to a lot of beginners!

Thanks in advance for valuable inputs.


  • 22 May 2015 3:50 pm Nitesh Singh Helpful Answer

    There are account assigned and non account assigned scenarios in PO scenario. In accounts scanrios, you have to tell the system the combination of plant, material type, movement type to get the GL.

    Plant is assigned as a valuation area in SPRO. Materials type is assigned to valuation class indirectly through account assignments (T code OMSK). This valuation class and plant is assigned in Material master. Now we can group one or more plants with similaiar characteriristcics to diff GL accnts ( T code OMWD).

    Now each movement type is assigned business transactions. General modifications are account groupings of this business transactions. You can see the related general modifiere for each movement type using plant, material (T code OMWN).

    Combination of Valuation modifieer, valuation class, General modifier in OBYC will give you the GL.