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How does one Deactivate a Cost Center

17 May 2007 9:54 am || 0

How does one Deactivate a Cost Center?

I can find a tcode to Activate an Inactive one but how do I deactivate a CC. Or is it so simple I cannot see it...

Go to KS02- Change Cost Center. Go to the Control Tab. Tick on the checkbox for desired transaction activity you want to lock. Any postings made against the cost center under locked activity/ies will not be allowed.

Thank you, I knew I could block the postings but I want to somehow make the Cost Center Look Inactive.

To explain:
In transaction OKEON (Change Standard Hierarchy) I have Green Dots for Active CC's. The legend (attached) says a Red Dot is for Inactive CC's.

How do you do that?

Hi Marios, If you want to change the status to inactive, the only optioin as far as my knowledge is concerned is to change the validity period. when you double click the cost centre, details of cost centre will be displayed at the bottom by T code OKEON and you will find the status of cost centre there, just right of that you will find button to change the validity period, change the period to some future date then it turns to inactive status.

Excellent! It works.

Thank you very much.

I had changed the Validity Period before but I set it to start right where the previous time horizon ended so looking in the future this was always active.