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How to create new number range for controlling area?

Updated May 18, 2018

Hi All,

Please let me know how to create new number range controlling area. I was creating new order type (request type).

I am not able to create new number range for these request.type. I tried to create the same from tcode KANK, but there i am haven't find any option to create new number range.

Early reply would be appreciate.


  • 03 Sep 2008 4:24 am Ramil D. Navarro

    If you are referring to number range of an internal order go to tcode KONK.
    Internal order has a separate maintenance of number range.

    Hope it helps.

  • 04 Sep 2008 2:02 am Manoj
    first you have to assign the element to a group (with groups change
    function). The number ranges are assigned to the groups. You can
    check or modify it with flagging the group and select Interval
    maintain from menu.
  • 04 Sep 2008 2:05 am Manoj
    You use KANK only, you can change the existing number range by going to Change Interval.... .......or can add new number range by going to Change Group Group->Insert menu...
  • 04 Sep 2008 2:08 am Manoj
    For creating Number Range in KANK -

    1. Go to the Menu bar - Group
    2. Insert option u can find
    3. Then U can create