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How to reverse F.12 or S_ALR_87012357 report?

Updated May 18, 2018

I am doing F.12 or S_ALR_87012357 (Advance return for tax on sales/purchase) . I have run the report and payment entry also got generated. But due to some reason I have reversed payment entry which was generated through F.12 using transaction code FB08. Because of which my accounting entry was reversed.

Now I am again trying to run the same report for the same report for the same period, but system is giving message as "No List generated".

Can anyone please suggest me the procedure to run the same report for the same period?
Or if we have used "Update documents" by accident, is there a way to reverse this and see the documents again???


  • 07 Apr 2008 5:30 am Manoj
    The programresets the date on TRVOR table. You need to change the date back and it should be ok.
  • 20 May 2008 11:33 am Guest
    You can also try to run the report without updating the documents for the same period.
    Furthermore, TRVOR table will not have updated unless you have set indicator "Save document and page number" under the posting parameters.
    Table BSET also fills fields STMDT and STMTI with values when running on update.
    For more information see SAP note num. 741237.