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Important SAP FICO Interview Questions Recently Asked By IBM, HCL Companies

Updated May 18, 2018

I have went for interviews for IBM and HCL companies and they have asked me this questions.

Please help me on this.

1) Lets say we are loading gl entry for fixed assets that will go to leading ledger, if i have different values how we will upload in non-leading ledger.

2) Before uploading the asset what are the pre setups is required for uploading the asset. the acquisition value what we do in confrg end.

3) AUC through internal order how u will settele

4) We have wrongly calculated dep for a plant for 3 months after that we have realized. what is the process.

5) How to post the interest directly t the cost center in asset accounting

6) How to post the deprecation directly to the cost center

7) What was the timing for capitalized process

8) If we want to settele the auc, should we require the wbs statements

9) How to display the down payments to auc separately

10) How to use partial capitalization

11) When we upload assets at the time of middle of the year, what are all configurations we have to do mandatory

12) How to acquire the asset through the general invoice or logistic invoice

13) In asset accounting current year closing balances of assets showing 0 and next year balances is showing some asset 1000 why it is coming like this? can you pls tell the possible scenarios

14) How to assign group currency to the dep area in asset accounting. what are the fields in that screen

Thanks to all.