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Message no FR257, F5543, FR008 in Foreign Currency Valuation

Updated May 18, 2018

During FCV, I have got the below 3 errors. Can you pls check below mentioned error messages and advice me.

***Incorrect account determination: IN02 V1 100501

Posted an invoice for USD 980

Message no. FR257

***Enter account number with a maximum of 10 characters

Message no. F5543

***Posting for general ledger account 100501 amount

5,880.00- set in batch input

Message no. FR008


In an evaluation that affects the financial statements, the posting for company code IN02 and G/L account 100501, in the amount of 5,880.00- INR, could not becarried out.

System Response

The posting is entered in a batch input session.


Correct the error, for example, missing account determination, and run the batch input session.
This ensures that the postings and the evaluation difference noted in the documents agree again.

OBA1 – KDF Settings

Posting period 011 2010 is not open

Message no. F5201


Period 011 of fiscal year 2010 is not open for posting for the variant of posting period TAIN.

System Response

Processing cannot be continued.


The error can have several causes. In order to eliminate the error, proceed as follows:
1. Check whether the posting date was entered correctly. The system determines the posting period by means of the date.
2. Check whether the required posting period is open for posting for the variant of posting period TAIN and account type +. Make sure that the period is open for posting.
To do this, specify a period interval in which the required period for the variant of posting period TAIN and account type + is contained.



  • 21 Mar 2012 1:17 pm M Suri
    for FC first u need to check implementation procedure

    1 FC valuvation method OB59
    2 two GL accounts FX gain or loss FS00
    3 transaction ratio for currency transaction OBAS
    4 Enter exchage rate values OB08
    5 Assign FC valuation method in FC bank loan account FS00
    6 Then post GL entry past date in F-02
    7 Change the EX rete values in OB08
    8 FC valuation F.05

    if you have done this correct then system should give u the FC valuation