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What is the Link between Reconciliation & Special GL Accont (OBYR)?

Updated May 18, 2018

Hello Experts,

Can someone help me in understanding the linking between Reconciliation & Special GL acct (OBYR). Why we need to link this? what kind of impact on balance sheet, if we dont link.

Kindly explain the concept please, Not SAP Configuration?

Thanks in advance.


  • 09 Sep 2015 1:44 pm Romil Tripathi Helpful Answer

    Reconciliation account means it will bridge between main ledger to sub ledger main ledger means gl sub ledgers means ap/ar here, first we need to create Trade payable, reconciliation account in fs00 there we need to select (vendor) that particular account while creating vendor master there we need to link every vendor master.

    All vendor balances updated in reconciliation account that account we can see in balance sheet that is called sundry creditors, (and if u want see reconciliation account click general ledger view there we can see difference entry view and gl view) that reconciliation account we need to link alternative reconciliation account (special gl indicator and main reconciliation account and alternative reconciliation account means advance to vendors and down payment request, retention money this and all special gl because we are doing transactions through vendor thats why we need to link alternative reconciliation account.

    This much of knowledge i have if is there any concerns please revert back.

  • 09 Sep 2015 1:48 pm Romil Tripathi Helpful Answer

    Actually advance to vendors asset that is correct what ever you said because we are giving advance to vendors but that is after few days we can adjust that advance amount temperarly we can show in liabilities side after it will convert that we can convert.

  • 09 Sep 2015 1:46 pm Chandan Singh Parihar

    Thanks. Need more explanation on linking as we are linking one Liability (creditors) and one Asset (Adv to vendors). This link how it helps to show proper way of balance sheet presentation.

    This is where i got confuse.