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Looking for Recurring Entries configuration

Updated May 19, 2018

What is Recurring entries? Why we are making such a configuration? 

Is recurring entries and sample entries same?



  • 25 Jun 2014 6:16 am Shalesh Singh Best Answer

    Recurring entry means you have to pay every month expenses, rent water all expenses you have to configuration in to the system whatever you have configuration date in to system.

    You well go and see the date you well do the postings interview answer  :-  recurring document is a document you have to pay every month expenses in the date you have to remand you but in the company en no of peoples are working how knows rent so and so time but the recurring document remind you particular date that is a main yours full of recurring document.

    Thank you friends any mistake exquisite me.

  • 25 Jun 2014 6:19 am Sonia Barwar Helpful Answer

    Recurring entry steps 

    It is 3 steps process:

    1. Enter recurring entry templates FBD1
    2. Execute Recurring entries F.14
    3. Run the Batch input session SM35
  • 25 Jun 2014 7:03 am Nitesh Singh

    Recurring and Sample entries are not same but quite similar.

    Sample entries: It is a special type of reference document. It does not
    update transaction figures. Data from this document is used to create
    default entries on the accounting document entry screen.
    EX: You send everyday emails to your boss for some reporting. In that you
    just have to change numbers and rest of the body is same for every day. 

    Recurring entries: A periodically recurring posting made by the recurring entry
    program on the basis of recurring entry original documents.
    EX: You pay every month rent, salary and EMI's etc. any business
    transactions that occur in regular basis or periodically.

  • 05 Jul 2014 1:59 pm Chinmay

    Thankx Sonia