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Maintain conversion factors for EUR / INR (currency type M)

Updated May 18, 2018

HI All,

I am getting the below error message, When I am trying to create PO.
I know solution is to maintain exchange rates for this currency pair to resolve the issue.
My doubt is that when my my Comp Code currency is INR, trying to create PO in INR and Vendor is local,
Why I'm getting this error message. Pls advice.

Maintain conversion factors for EUR / INR (currency type M)

Message no. SG111


No conversion factors are maintained for the currency pair or there is no valid entry for 07.11.2011.

System Response

Error message when trying to create entries for the currency pair.
Warning for entries which already exist.


First maintain the conversion factors for the currency pair and the exchange rates which you specified. Choose
Global settings -> Currencies -> Conversion factors in the Implementation Guide.


  • 12 Mar 2013 1:30 pm Guest Best Answer
    Just enter direct '*' or indirect '/' sign before the rate you enter as per your settings in OB08. For eg. The Rate you want to enter is 50 just enter USD *50 It will allow to post. Hope it helps.


  • 27 Mar 2012 1:25 pm M Suri Helpful Answer
    first you need to creat currency factors as per default settings which M,G&A these are the correct please check instead of M u might have given some thing so only the error is coming pleaes check and try i guess.