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Configuration steps of Manual Bank Reconcialition Statement

Updated May 18, 2018


I would like to have configuration steps of Manual Bank Reconcialition Statement pl send to my mail id


Thanks in advance


  • 27 Apr 2013 11:17 am rekha
    There are four main steps to be carried out:-

    Enter chart of accounts YCCA

    1. Create your account symbols

    Create the account symbols that you need later for defining the posting specifications.
    For e.g create the account symbols BANK and CASH RECEIPT so that you can later define a posting rule for cash receipt.

    Click on New Entries and save

    2. Assigning Accounts to Account Symbols

    Here you need to define the account determination procedure for each individual account symbol.
    You must have designed your accounts in such a way that the end digits will work for posting the entries to FI.
    Account Modifier you use as + and use your local currency, if you do not have any foreign currency postings.

    Double click on Assign Accounts to Ac

    3. Create keys for Posting Rules

    Assign posting rules to possible transactions in account statement file.

    Double click Create Keys for Post and click on New Entries and update.

    4. Define Posting Rules

    Here you will assign the key created for posting rules to the various account symbols and specify whether it will be a debit or credit and to which posting area, whether bank or a sub ledger posting.

    Click on New Entries

    5. Create Transaction Type

    Assign bank details, for which the account statements are to be imported, to a transaction type.
    All the house bank accounts to a particular bank are usually assigned to the same transaction type.