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Mass Retirement of Assets

Updated May 19, 2018

Hi Friends 

I am in the process of cofiguring Mass retirement of Assets I have a unique situation. We have retirement of assets based on proceeds received from the customer by check. We have large volume of 300 checks per month. One check worth 10 million dollrs consists of 100 assets.Each asset may have complete or partial retirement.  I have gone thru AR31,AR01,F- 92 ABAON AND ABAVN Currenly details of all checks are maintained in Excel spreadsheet I need to have a screen where I can maintain my data in SAP (ECC6.0) How do I handle these multiple checks ?
Creating a worlist is the option but how do I maintain details like check number,check amount,customer number etc etc ?
Please advise the functioanlity/ process to resolve this Current solution is upload Excel data into SAP
I sincerely seek your assistance