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Next list level empty in actual price revaluation in MFN1/CON2

Updated May 18, 2018

Dear Experts,

After define a new controlling area and so on, almost all FI/CO function are fine, except that revaluation at actual prices in T-code MFN1/CON2 doesn't get any system response.

In the basic list of log, the number of "Revaluations executed" is correctly greater than zero. However, in next list level, nothing is displayed, no production order, no information/warning/error message, etc.

BTW, we've already activated revaluation "1 Revaluation in separate / own business transaction" when maintain version in T-code OKEQ. Our activity price category is "Manual entry, manual allocation", and we've already maintained actual price in T-code KBK6.

Could anyone kindly give us some clue/prompt? Thanks so much in advance for your generous help!!

Best regards,


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