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Do not assign any objects in cost accounting to GL Account

Updated May 18, 2018


I got an error message :Do not assign any objects in cost accounting to account 5170310. GL Account 5170310 is a WIP Project & balance sheet  account.

It was noted that account assignments to objects in cost accounting  (for example, cost center, order, or project) are updated in the document but not in cost accounting.

How could I overcome the problem? Please advice.

The WIP Project GL account need to key in the orders to monitor the sub expenses.



  • 29 Oct 2010 11:33 am rekha

    by the process described here, you use customizing with OKGx (OKG1 to OKG8) the G/L account where you post the correction should not be follow by cost object but only in global so you don't have the detail of posting by cost object

    if you want to follow in CO by cost object, you need to create in FI a substitution rule to fill in automatic the
    cost object by the ZUONR field (from FI) which contain the cost object in process.
    Be careful, do not create your account in customizing system as cost element, otherwise the system block when entering customizing in OKG8.

    Hope it's helpful for you
  • 29 Oct 2010 11:34 am rekha

    If it is at the time of document posting, Then, don't assign any cost center for the given GL


    You have not created the cost center and cost element for the GL

    So, create the cost center and create the cost element for the GL 5170310.

    If it is expense item the you create the cost element.

    If it is revenue the do not create the cost element. Because, cost element are only created for expense related items. Cost element itself tells you the meaning 'cost - expense'.
  • 29 Oct 2010 11:35 am rekha
    You don,t assign cost objects to balance sheets accounts, which are assigned to only cost elements. Why would you want to turn wip balance sheet account to a cost element, though?

  • 09 Dec 2011 2:35 pm keshav kumar

    Just go the performance assistance of that particular error and click on message control... it is highlighted with red color..

    then enter area KI and click on new entries..

    create 281 and give the status for the permission fields as blanks...

    and save.

    and come back to f-02 and post the document...

    With Warm Regards,

    Keshav Kumar