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How can our organization use availability control for cost centers?

Updated May 18, 2018

Active availability control in the Overhead Cost Controlling component (CO-OM) is intended for individual measures only, meaning orders and WBS elements. For responsibility areas, you can use the Funds Management component (TR-FM in Release 3.0, FI-FM since Release 4.0) to create account assignments for availability control and  assign them to cost centers.

If you don’t want to use this component, the Cost Center Accounting component (CO-OM-CCA) supports passive availability control via the information system. If you need availability control for cost centers infrequently, the easiest solution is to run reports that compare actual values and commitments with plan values or budgets for the cost centers in question.

For an active availability control on cost centers in the Overhead Cost Controlling component you can use following simple workaround.

1. Create a statistical order (an internal order used to evaluate costs for information purposes only) for each cost center in question.
2. In the order master data, enter the cost center to be monitored as the requesting cost center.
3. Activate availability control for the order.
4. During posting, post costs to the order instead of the cost center. The R/3 System treats these as statistical costs, and simultaneously makes (real) postings to the associated cost center. You can then  use availability control for the order.