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Updated May 18, 2018

SAP Gurus,
Please help, what's the best way of reconciling PCA values against CCA. This is in a bid to find out if PCA will ever be equal to CCA figures.
Would really appreciate your help with this.


  • 02 May 2013 10:52 am Rohit Mahajan
    Cost Centre Accounting will offered you the information that is being related to the real cost forwarded to cost centers. This will be useful if you want to analyze the cost centers in controlling/cost management for business warehouse reports. Cost Center Accounting is comprises of two reports: Analysis reports and regular reports. Although the responsibilities of a cost accountant comprises of ongoing analysis of the company’s cost centers, it will depend upon the cost center manager which will take interest in intermittent info on the specific cost center for which he or she is answerable. As well as they will require the details or the area reports but that will be reliant on whether the person is answerable for one or more cost centers.

    Profit Center Accounting will permit you to move in to real documents with the help of same Planning processor user interface , please remember is will be the same as it is used to enter the per planned data. Now you will get a possibility to plan a particular entry screens for distinct placement events for e.g. they can be as simple as the placement documents or the transferal postings. You can also use it to show or modify the balances for profit or loss accounts and balance sheet accounts, arithmetical key figures with the help of the planned maintenance functions. At the time of exhibiting or changing balances, you will be able to use the full functionality of the planning procedure, which will also comprises of the use row and column formulas.