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Problems filling tables total p / customer fields

Updated May 19, 2018


Analyzing the customer scenario where we are in the project, we conclude that will need to create additional fields in standard transactions as the FB50 and FB60 to store information from the legacy system.
The project is biodiesel use the ECC 6.0 and 4 NewGL EHP is active According to the documentation found I performed the following procedures in the system:

Transaction OXK3:

* Changed to Expert Mode
* Menu Accounting Classification Field, Insert Field option overall. Was CI_COBL structure created in the field ZZCTA_CORR with the data element
* Menu Accounting Classification Field, Insert Field option BI. Was created in the same field structure CI_COBL_BI
* Menu Field Account Assignment field BSEG Insert option.
Added Include in BSEG table containing the structure according CI_COBL with note 1451330. Consequently, the field received the BSEG table ZZCTA_CORR
* After all the tables and structures are activated, I returned to the screen
Initial OXK3, I selected the structure of the client and include menu
Field Account Assignment option Inser. entr. control, selected test run and then run effectively. Inserted records in several tables and some programs regenerated.

Transaction FAGL_GINS

* I selected the table and insert the field FAGLFLEXT ZZCTA_CORR that was available in customer fields. I activated the table and so the field was created in the table include CI_FAGLFLEX04 FAGLFLETX and FAGLFLEXA.
Again, some programs were generated.

Update vision V_FAGL_TCMAP

* In the variant screen currently used by FB50 (RE
ABRECHNUNG_0100) was associated with a column to the field ZZCTA_CORR. With this the general field-ACGL_ITEM_GEN GEN_CHAR1 started to have the description of
ZZCTA_CORR field in FB50 and FB60 screen.

Definition of variants of field status

* The customer field was available and was added as input optional.

Update vision VC_FAGL_LEDGER

* Field customer ZZCTA_CORR was associated with all ledgers

I also ran the programs and RGZZGLUX RGUGGLT0 to generate some programs and includes.

After these customizations I have the following result

* The field appears in transactions with standard name and type desired;
* The field appears in the tables BSEG, and FAGLFLEXT FAGLFLEXA (probably in others also, but these are what interest us).
* The field is populated but NOT in BSEG tables and FAGLFLEXA FAGLFLEXT
(I believe it does not have to be in that second table to be total and item no.)
* With this, I view the field value in the transaction but not FB03 FAGLL03.

Any tips to solve the problem?