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IBAN (International Bank Account Number) Interview Questions and Answers

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IBAN (International Bank Account Number) Interview Questions and Answers


1. Is it possible to use the IBAN instead of the normal account number in the R/3 System?

No, in the R/3 System you can only use the IBAN in addition to the normal bank account number, that is, you cannot replace the bank details by the IBAN.

2. Why does the system require the 'conventional' bank details (bank number, bank account number) in addition to the IBAN?

For technical reasons, the IBAN function cannot be integrated into all processes of bank accounting. You can store the IBAN with the master data, and when creating the payment medium the system copies the IBAN to the DME file. No other business processes are affected. An integration of the IBAN into the payment program would require much development effort and could result in the instability of the system. Therefore, integration is not possible at this time.

3. When does the system propose the IBAN, and when do we have to enter the IBAN?

The system is able to generate a proposal for certain countries. Since the generation of the IBAN (and the generation of the bank details from an IBAN) is country-specific, you have to have a generating module for every country. You can extend the function to more countries with the BTE events 00003030 and 00003040.

4. When can the system generate the normal bank details from an IBAN (entry of the bank details via the IBAN)?

The system is able to generate the bank details from the IBAN if: a generating module is available for this country you have defined in Transaction OY17 that the national bank number is also the bank key.

Only then can the system explicitly assign the bank number to the bank master.If the bank details cannot be entered via the IBAN, maintain the normal bank details first and then enter the IBAN.

5. Is there a program or a tool that I can use to automatically generate all IBANs for all vendors, for example?

No, an automatic generation of the IBAN is not allowed. According to legal regulations, only the bank that manages the account may generate an IBAN for this bank account number. For more information, refer to the internet page IBANs generated by the system are to be considered as an input help.

6. Is it possible to display the IBAN in the payment list?


7. Can the IBAN be distributed?

Unfortunately, this function is not provided in the standard system yet.

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