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FICO Real Time Work/ Issues

Updated May 18, 2018

SAP FICO Real time Work/ Issues

How they will determine landscape server while in roll out project or implementation project?

For roll out landscape will be on development server to production server but where as in implementation in end to end we can have the option to choose landscape of development to testing and then to production server.

Will all the master data uploaded by Lsmw and other Abap tools?

Yes we have other tool other than LSMW like batch date input etc., for uploading the master data into the system.

If they upload master data mean, how much time will it take to complete? Ex: 3000 vendors means?

Not more than 30 minutes

Examples needed for requirements of client on sap Fico?

Separate cash and trade discount accounts or input and output tax calculations and separate account for service tax amount and cenvat credit account for month end setoff etc.

Client is required P&L ,B/S financial statements for 12+6 months(with considering special period next 6 months) i.e. 18 months period or any period beyond 12 months. In concise, the client is required reports for more than 12 months.

SAP cannot manage more than 16 periods (12 + 4 special periods). You can see P&L & B/S statements only for 16 periods/

There a few reports which provide the option of viewing the reports for more than 12 months (between 13 to 16 period) also.

Example: T.code F.01 , selection periods option is accessible.

Before 1st Jan 2017, a list of the finished goods stocks and values were being maintained out of system. Post 1st Jan 2017, the list of FG stocks has also been included in the system. On 31st December 2016, the client was advised to update the system. However, it was not possible for them to do so as they did not have the accurate numbers handy. Later, after two months, they are had the desired numbers, the question then arose how should these numbers reflect in the opening balance.

The stock can be updated with “Posting Date” as 31-12-2016.

There are MTO scenario with configurable material. the system has been set up in such a manner, that a cost estimate is prepared for or every sales order. The good receipt is made based on these cost estimate. However, sometimes, the Goods receipts is created at a very low price. It was found that the raw materials requested by the system was incorrect. The sales order costing variant seemed fine, although there were doubts regarding the variant configuration since I don’t have the expertise regarding the same.

The Variant Condition must be maintained for purchasing and Sales. Since this has already been done for sales, now it should be done for purchasing also using the TCODE MEK1 for condition type PB00. Then the total price for base model and characteristics will be derived

Billing Document not released to accounting and Accounts determination:

For resolving the error, an analysis of the account determination has to be performed, in the billing document. Process:

  • Go to T.Code: VF02 & Enter Invoice number
  • Next (On the top most strip) go to Environment
  • Next (Select Environment) go to Account determination
  • Next (In Account Determination) choose Revenue Account Determination (first option)

You will see a list of all the condition types mentioned in the Billing document. Now you will required to analyze each condition & check for which G/L accounts has not been determined.