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SAP FICO Transaction Codes

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SAP FICO Transaction Codes

SAP FICO Transaction Codes

T Codes             Description

SPRO                  Enter IMG

OX02                  Company Code - Create, Check, Delete

OX03                  Create Business Area

OKBD                  Functional Areas

OB45                  Create Credit Control Area

OB29                 Maintain Fiscal Year Variant

OB37                 Assign Co. Code to Fiscal Year Variant

OB13                 Creation of Chart of Account (CoA)

OBY7                 Copy Chart of Account (CoA)

OBY9                 Transport Chart of Account

OBD4                 Define Account Group

OB53                  Define Retained Earnings

OB58               Maintain Financial Statement Versions

OBC4              Maintain Field Status Variant

OBBO              Define Posting Period Variant

OBA7              Define Document Type & Number Ranges

OB41              Maintain Posting Keys

OBA4              Create Tolerance Groups

FBN1              Create GL Number Ranges

OBL1              Automatic Posting Documentation

FBKP             Automatic Account Assignment

OBYC             MM Automatic Account Assignment

OBY6               Enter Global Parameters

FS00               Creation of GL Master Records

F-02                  Posting of GL Transactions

FB03                Display of GL Document

FS10N              Display of GL Accounts

OB46                Define Interest Calculation Types

OBD3              Define Vendor Account Group

XK01               Creation of Vendor Master 

F-43                  Purchase Invoice Posting

FK10N            Display Vendor Account

F112                Define House Bank

OBB8               Maintain Terms of Payment (ToP)

OBD2              Creation of Customer Account Group

OBA3               Customer Tolerance Groups

XD01               Creation of Customer Master 

FD10N            Display Customer Account

F-28                 Incoming Payment Posting

OB61               Define Dunning Area

EC08                Copy Reference Chart of Depreciation (CoD)

OADB                Define Depreciation Area

OAOB                Assign Chart of Depreciation to Co. Code

OAOA                Define Asset Class

AO90               Assignment of Account in Asset Class

OAY2                Determination of Depreciation Area in Asset Class

(AS01)                Creation of Asset Master

(AS11)               Creation of Sub Asset

(F-90)               Asset Purchase Posting

(AFAB)                Depreciation Run

(F-92)                 Asset Sale Posting

(AW01N)           Asset Explorer

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  • 26 May 2011 12:03 pm
    The list of most frequently used T. Codes in Financial Accounting Module.

    Sl.No. SAP Code SAP Descriptions
    1 F-04 Post with Clearing
    2 F-43 Enter Vendor Invoice
    3 F-44 Clear Vendor
    4 FB02 Change Document
    5 FB03 Display Document
    6 FB04 Document Changes
    7 FB08 Reverse Document
    8 FB10 Invoice/Credit Fast Entry
    9 FB60 Enter Incoming Invoices
    10 FB65 Enter Incoming Credit Notes
    11 FBL1N Vendor Line Items
    12 FBL3N G/L Account Line Items
    13 FBRA Reset Cleared Items
    14 FK03 Display Vendor (Accounting)
    15 FK10N Vendor Balance Display
    16 FS03 Display Master Record
    17 FS04 G/L Account Changes (Centrally)
    18 FS10N Balance Display
    19 MB03 Display Material Document
    20 MB51 Material Doc List
    21 ME03 Display Source List
    22 ME04 Changes to Source List
    23 ME0M Source List for Material
    24 ME13 Display Purchasing Info Record
    25 ME14 Changes to Purchasing Info Record
    26 ME1L Info Records Per Vendor
    27 ME1M Info Records Per Material
    28 ME1P Purchase Order Price History
    29 ME23 Display Purchase Order
    30 ME23N Purchase Order
    31 ME2C Purchase Orders by Material Group
    32 ME2M Purchase Orders by Material
    33 ME2N Purchase Orders by PO Number
    34 ME33K Display Contract
    35 ME33L Display Scheduling Agreement
    36 ME39 Display Sched. Agmt. Schedule (TEST)
    37 ME3L Outline Agreements per Vendor
    38 ME80FN General Analyses (F)
    39 MIRO Enter Invoice
    40 MM03 Display Material
    41 MR02 Process Blocked Invoices
    42 MR03 Disply Inv. Verification Document
    43 MR08 Cancel Invoice Document
    44 MR0S Display Inv Verification Document
    45 MR1B Invoice Verification Result Overview
    46 MR2M Change Invoice Document
    47 MR3M Display Invoice Document
    48 MR8M Cancel Invoice Document
    49 MRBR Release Blocked Invoices
    50 MRHG Enter Credit Memo
    51 MRHR Enter Invoice
    52 MRRL Evaluated Receipt Settlement
    53 MRRS Evaluated Receipt Settlement
    54 SP01 Output Controller
    55 SU01D User Display
    56 SU3 Maintain Users Own Data
    57 SU53 Display Check Values
    58 VL33N Display Inbound Delivery
    59 XK03 Display Vendor (centrally)
    60 MIR4 Display Document based on DCIW generated number

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