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SAP T-code VF01: Create Billing Document

In this SAP FICO tutorial, you will learn the step-by-step procedure to create a billing document for your business in the SAP system using t-code VF01 with proper screenshots

What is a Billing Document?

A billing document in SAP refers to the sales invoice, or what a vendor sends to their customer as his company's bill or charges. SAP t-code VF01 is used to create the Billing document in the SAP system, a SAP user can generate the Billing document using a Delivery or Sales order.

IMG Path To Create Billing Document

SAP Menu > Logistics > Sales and Distribution > Billing > Billing Document > VF01 Create

IMG Path

How to Create Billing Document Via T-code VF01?

Please follow the steps below to create a billing document:

Enter t-code VF01 in the SAP command field and press Enter to execute it


Or follow this IMG path as shown in the image below:

IMG Path

Next on Create Billing Document screen select the Billing Type and Billing Date

Create Billing Document

Next, enter the Document number as shown in the image below:

Document Number

Once all the details are entered click on the Save button to create a billing document


A message Billing Document is Generated will be shown on the bottom of your screen.


You can also display, edit, and cancel a billing document via these t-codes

  • VF02 - Change
  • VF03 - Display
  • VF07 - Display From Archive
  • VF11 - Cancel

IMG Path