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SAP's Generative AI Copilot, Joule

Updated Apr 23, 2024

What is SAP Joule?

Joule is SAP's new generative AI Copilot, providing a smart way to interact with SAP systems and applications, thereby enhancing user productivity through quick and intelligent decision-making.

It is an artificial intelligence assistant that is integrated into applications across the SAP cloud.

Imagine having a trusted AI companion that assists and enhances your daily operations using natural language and generative capabilities across the entire SAP suite—that's Joule.  It acts as the major driver utilizing the power of business AI engine to enable interactions with SAP applications using natural languages.

Joule utilizes generative AI to understand natural language, access data across various SAP tools and third-party sources, and analyze past interactions and data for personalized customer experiences and deeper insights.  

In short Joule provide artificial intelligent that helps the user to perform tasks smartly, quickly and efficiently.

Integrated seamlessly into SAP tools, Joule works with SAP to boost employee productivity and streamline workflows.

Joule will launch in long periods from 2023 to 2024.

Joule is an added advantage for SAP users as it is integrated into SAP’s Cloud enterprise solution, designed with consideration for SAP S/4HANA and SAP BTP applications.

Why we called SAP Joule as the Generative AI Copilot?

Generative AI is a tool that generates new content by analyzing patterns from previous data, without requiring explicit instructions.

A Copilot assists pilots in navigating the plane. Similarly, an AI Copilot is a tool used by artificial intelligence to understand users' needs through conversational chat, analyzing user interactions, providing suggestions and aiding in decision-making and various tasks.

SAP Copilot is a digital assistant that transforms conversations into actions, using natural language that we can “handle” with our applications. That is why SAP Joule is called as the Generative AI Copilot.

For example, suppose you are writing a program. The AI Copilot checks your code, offers valuable suggestions, and informs you if any changes are required in your program. The AI Copilot helps developers write code more efficiently and effectively.

There are three main ways to interact with Joule.

  • Informational: When we need quick data, Joule can analyze information across SAP applications and provide insightful responses to your questions. It helps users retrieving data from existing documents. For example, suppose you want information about which region we are performing well in, Joule can provide insights.
  • Navigational: Joule helps you complete your tasks by guiding you through the appropriate steps in SAP applications. It helps the user in finding the right functionality.
  • Transactional: Joule helps users in completing the task efficiently.

Features of Joule

  • Embedded: Joule is embedded into SAP applications such as HR, Finance, Supply Chain Management(SCM), Procurement, and Customer experience as well as into the SAP Business Technology Platform(BTP).
  • Generative: Joule can generate text messages, codes, images and other data formats.
  • Intelligent: Joule can hear the context of the requests and requests of the users.
  • Proactive: Joule can identify problems and opportunities before users find out.
  • Context: Joule can provide information based on company data and external sources.
  • It provides pre-built AI models for various tasks.
  • Unlike Chat GPT and other AI tools that gather information from the internet, Joule is a SAP solution categorized under SAP BTP’s AI Cloud, obtaining information from the SAP community.
  • It has the ability to provide valuable insights not only from your internal data but also from vast external sources.
  • There is no need for additional configuration as it is automatically updated whenever the capabilities are added or changed.
  • It is available with SAP Success Factor, SAP Start, SAP Customer Experience, SAP S/4 HANA Cloud public edition, and SAP Ariba solutions along with the SAP Business Technology platform.

There are some examples of how Joule can be used:

Joule can help users to be more productive and make better decisions by automating tasks, providing contextual information and proposing solutions.

  • A sales manager can use Joule to identify potential customers that he or she is most inclined to purchase.
  • A production manager can use Joule to identify problems with the emergency lock.
  • A human resources manager can use Joule to create career development plans for employees.

Benefits of Joule

  • Joule provides intelligent analytical insights and suggested target actions, empowering users to deliver output faster and with higher quality.
  • It accesses core SAP data for comprehensive decision-making and reduces the need for manual data handling.
  • It helps to identify trends and opportunities.
  • It fosters trust and minimizes risk as it is built with AI ethics.
  • You can quickly search for updates with the help of Joule.
  • Joule has the power of generative AI to automatically build dashboards with financial information such as detailed Profit and Loss, balance sheets, and cash flow.
  • It saves time by automating repetitive tasks such as creating information or entering data.
  • It saves time by automating tasks like budget creation and planning.
  • It is straightforward to operate as users can ask questions in simple language and receive the best possible results based on data available from various sources, such as SAP portfolios or third-party sources.
  • It helps improve SAP’s core competency by integrating business processes with modern technologies.
  • It has a deep understanding of customer data processing, aiding in not only understanding customer queries but also grasping the business context.
  • It ensures privacy and security when accessing data through the AI interface.
  • It enhances customer satisfaction through conversational chat interactions between the user and the system for accessing information.
  • It helps the developers to automate the application development procedure.
  • It runs on the SAP BTP environment including Cloud Foundry, Kyma, Kubernetes, etc.

How to use Joule?

SAP Joule can be accessed through the built-in launcher, a floating button located at the bottom right of the screen, or a custom launch option. Once opened, users can initiate conversations with Joule.

Each interaction with Joule, such as a question and its corresponding reply, counts as one message in a round-trip conversation between a customer and the system.

SAP customers receive a certain number of free Joule messages per year based on the number of licensed users. Once the free message quota is exhausted, SAP begins charging for additional messages.

Upon opening Joule, a welcome screen displays help text and recommended actions. Users can choose from the recommended actions or start a chat by entering a request in the input field and pressing Enter or the Send button.

You can also use the option to select speech-to-text functionality to verbally make a request.

If users are inactive for 15 minutes the conversation expired. They are notified about this expiration and given the option to start a new conversation.


Joule is a game-changer in SAP, infusing intelligence and automation into businesses through artificial intelligence. Integrated within the SAP ecosystem, it functions as a digital assistant, enabling users to interact with their systems by asking a range of analytical questions such as displaying top sellers, revenue forecasts, budgetary projections, and receiving intelligent responses.

Joule is designed to accelerate work processes, drive superior business outcomes securely.

In essence, Joule is more than just a tool; it's a partner that promises smarter, faster, and more efficient business processes.