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SD-FI Integration

Updated May 18, 2018

Prepare Revenue Account Determination.

In this step, you allocate the G/L accounts for the revenue account determination. You make the allocation for each of the access sequences defined previously.

In this case, you specify a G/L account depending on the following terms:

Application (key for the Sales and Distribution application), Account determination type, Chart of accounts (from the FI System), Customer account assignment group, Materials account assignment group, Account key

The allocated accounts are used to post revenues, surcharges and discounts automatically.

You have defined the access sequences and the account determination types for Sales and Distribution.

You must define charts of accounts and G/L accounts in the FI System.


1. Check to what extent you can use the allocations contained in the
SAP standard version.

2. Allocate the G/L accounts for each access sequence.

IMG (Implementation Guide) Financial Accounting àGeneral Ledger Accounting àBusiness Transaction èIntegration àSales & Distribution àPrepare Revenue Account Determination.

Transaction Code  VKOA

Following Settings Made

Customer Grp./Material Grp./ Account Key

Customer Group/ Account Key


Material Group/Account Key








Account Key (Contd)


1. Customer Account Assignment Groups: Domestic Customers, Foreign Customers and Affiliated Companies. I think they are finalized.

2. Material Account Assignment Groups :
3. Trading Goods and performances.
They are not exhaustive and they need revision.
Finished Goods & Semi Finished Goods are covered under Trading Goods. Performances are said to be Nil. Shall we have Material Groups as Trading, Finished, Packaging and Services.

3 Condition Types : KOFI & KOFK ( Account Assignment for CO)

4 Account Keys

ERL Sales
RDM Rounding
ERS Sales Deductions
ERF Freight Collected Domestic & Foreign
EIN Transit Insurance Collected
EXD Excise Duty
ERB Rebate Sales Deductions
ERV Rebate Accruals
EVV Cash Clearing
MW3 Sales Tax
MWS Tax on sales & purchases

5 50001 Domestic Direct Sales

50002 Domestic Branch Sales
50003 Domestic Direct Sales 80 1A
50004 Domestic Branch Sales 80 1A
50005 Export Sales
50006 Inter Unit Transfer– Finished Goods
52116 Sale of Free Sample (Domestic)
52117 Sale of Free Sample (Export)
52118 Sale of Captive Consumption

a) What is branch Sales? There are no sales from branches and there are no depots at branches. Invoices are being sent only through branches. Second Sale concept is also not there.

b) Sales of Dadra & Barotiwala are to same account?

6 ERS Sales Deductions

51001 Trade Discount
51002 Cash Discount
51003 Commission

7 Following Accounts to be identified and attached in SD_Fi integration

52001 Job Plating Service Charges
52001 Labor Charges
52001 Testing Analysis Charges Received
52004 Erection & Commissioning Charges
52005 Technical Fees Recd
52006 License Fees Recd
52101 Scrap sales
52102 Sundry Receipts
52103 Commission Recd (Local)
52104 Commission Recd (Foreign)
52105 Insurance Claims Recd
52106 Sundry Balances W/o
52110 Refund of Sales Tax
52111 Refund of Octroi
52112 Rounding Off
55104 Export Benefits & entitlements-Chemicals
69001 Freight & Clearing Imported--Inward
69002 Freight & Clearing Indigenous - Inward
69003 Octroi Charges - Inward
73701 Freight & Clearing Imported--Outward
73702 Carriage & Cartage (Outward)
73703 Octroi Charges (Outward)

8 For Acc. Key

EVV (Cash Clearing) 11602 (Petty Cash) is found attached
ERU (Rebate Accruals) 39024(Out Standing Expenses) is attached




1. ERL Sales

50001 Domestic Direct Sales
50005 Export Sales
52001 Job Plating Service Charges
52002 Labor Charges
52003 Testing Analysis Charges Received
52004 Erection & Commissioning Charges
52101 Scrap sales
50006 Inter Unit Transfer– Finished Goods
52116 Sale of Free Sample (Domestic)
52117 Sale of Free Sample (Export)
52118 Sale of Captive Consumption

2. RDM Rounding

52112 Rounded off Differences - Invoices

3. ERS Sales Deductions

74951 Trade Discount
74952 Additional Discount
74953 Cash Discounts
74954 Loyalty Discounts
74955 Overriding Commissions

4. ERF Freight Collected Domestic & Foreign

73701 Forwarding Charges (Outward) (Expense Account)
73702 Carriage & Cartage (Outward) (Expense Account)
73703 Octroi Charges (Outward) (Expense Account)
52111 Octroi Refund Account (Income A/c)

5. EIN Transit Insurance Collected

52105 Insurance Claim Received (Income A/c)

6. ERB Rebate Sales Deductions

7. ERV Rebate Accruals

8. EVV Cash Clearing

9. Tax Accounts

EXD Excise Duty
19001 Central excise – Current A/c Bal (PLA)

MW3 Sales Tax
39033 LST Maharastra Sales tax

MWS Tax on sales & purchases

39034 CST Central sales Tax