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What settings are required to distribute the IBAN using ALE.

Updated May 18, 2018

The following settings are necessary if you want to edit IBANs in any system in an SAP system group.

The ALE business process ensures that all IBAN changes are processed in a consolidation system. The decentralized systems send all of the changes to the consolidation system and the consolidation system then sends the changes back to all of the decentralized systems. You can also edit the IBANs in the consolidation system.


If possible, determine a system in which you make all cross-system settings.

    1. Set up the logical systems.

    2. Maintain the distribution model (transaction BD64).

              In this process step, use "Add BAPI" to make entries:

  • From the decentralized system to the consolidation system, enter the following additional data:

    Object name: IBAN
    Method:    Create
    Method: Change
  • From the consolidation system to all other systems, enter the following additional data:

    Object name: IBAN
    Method:    SaveReplica

    3. Generate the partner profiles.

    4. Set the consolidation system.

              Transaction SM30, table TBDIBAN

              Specify exactly one consolidation system. If you do not specify any consolidation system, or if you specify more than one consolidation system, the IBANs are not distributed. Instead, they are saved locally.


If you use ALE to distribute IBANs, the IBANs are automatically sent to all systems in the group. However, the data may not be distributed because, for example, the system to which IBANs are to be sent is not available or the Customizing settings are incomplete or incorrect.
You can then use the report RFIBAN_ALE to distribute IBANs that you have already created in one of the systems to the other systems.