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TDS While Down Payment Clearing

Updated May 18, 2018


Would appreciate your valuable suggestions on the following issue

I have created a Down Payment Request through F-47 say for Rs 10,000.00

Down Payment Request was then posted. As usual system deducted TDS for Rs 1,000.00(Assuming 10% is the TDS rate) - Through F-48

Next Invoice is posted for Rs 50,000.00(Full Amount) and TDS deduction is Rs 5,000.00 . Through F-43

While Clearing the Down Payment against this Invoice, I am expecting that the system would reverse the earlier TDS amount that it deducted while making down payment. But this is not happening and in my TDS payable GL account shows both the TDS amount (1,.000.00 & 5,000.00) which is not correct. - Through F-54.





  • 04 Oct 2009 12:04 pm Rakesh Tripathy
    The issue got resolved. Thanks

  • 12 Oct 2009 7:21 am Guest
    hey that's great Rakesh that your issue got resolved but if you want more information on TDS While Down Payment Clearing then you can visit
  • 11 Dec 2009 8:17 am Reshma
    Hello Rakesh,

    I am facing the same problem. Can you please tell me the solution on that.

  • 11 Dec 2009 9:38 am Rakesh Tripathy
    Hi Reshma,
    Pl check the configuration for "Withholding Tax Type for Payment Posting" under Financial Accounting-Withholding Tax-Extended Withholding Tax-Calculation-Define Withholdinf Tax for Payment Posting.

    Double Click on Withholding Tax Type. Check the settings for "Central Invoice". You must choose the third option that is "Central Inv.Prop."
    Hope that would solve your problem

  • 17 Dec 2009 5:58 am Guest
    Hello Rakesh,

    Thanks. The problem is resolved.

  • 21 Sep 2013 6:30 am Guest
    I have the same issue regarding TDS not getting adjusted in F-54. We have already set the central inv. prop. in withholding tax type for payment posting. During invoice processing, only tax code for withholding tax invoice was set and not for payment. Is there other configuration that we missed. Do we really need to configure the business place or section. Because usually we do not use that here in the philippines