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Text Determination SAP-SD

Updated May 18, 2018

Text Determination 

Text can be used to exchange the information between the documents with partner, between the users. We can create text for objects like customer sales document header and item, master, delivery document header and item, customer material info record, billing document header and item and condition records also.
Texts form a basic but essential need within document processing. Using text determination, you can automatically cause the system to copy data held in a text line from one text object to another—for example, from a customer master record to a sales document.

Text can be sales text, customer text, etc. SAP uses condition technique to determine text.

Requirement of Text Determination

Wal-Mart requires Batch Expiration Date to be printed on packing list. This can be achieved by Text Determination at Customer Master Data linked with Sales Document, Delivery Document.

Defining Text Types Transaction code: VOTXN

To configure text determination, use the following menu path. Menu Path SAP Customizing Implementation Guide | Sales and Distribution | Basic Functions | Text Control | Define Text Types

In New Entries add “0010: as belowSave

Text determination data is client-independent. Once the text type has been created, you need to define the access sequences. However, the access sequence is not necessary for the customer master record texts as the customer master record is the highest level possible in text determination.

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