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Unplanned delivery cost

Updated May 18, 2018

Hello Gurus,
I have created a Purchase Order with account assignment category as K (cost center).
The G/L account mentioned in account assignment of Purchase Order is 100200.
While creating invoice through MIRO, i am putting unplanned delivery cost as 26.68 USD.
When I chekced the accounting entries, the unplanned delivery cost has been debited to the account 100200 (which is mentioned in account assignment in purchase order) rather than the G/L account 150020 which is there is OBYC.
Could you please tell me how can it be possible to charge this amount to 150020?


  • 04 Sep 2008 2:01 am Manoj
    THere is an additional configuration needed for posting Planned Delivery Cost to a specific G/L account apart from OBYC.
    Please use the path below to do your configuration:

    SPRO-->Materials Management --> Logistics Invoice Verification --> Incoming Invoice --> Configure how Unplanned Delivery Cost is Posted

    Here you have to assign the Co Code with Unplanned Delivery Cost type 2 (Post to Diff G/L Acct)

    This will resolve your problem.

  • 13 Jan 2011 4:58 pm Guest

    with the aboove solution, is it then also necessary to allocate the G/L account to a cost object in OKB9?

    Or can the cost object (e.g. cost center) be maintained during registration of the unplanned delivery cost in MIRO?