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Create G/L Accounts in FSP0 and FS00

Updated Jun 13, 2019

Hello Experts,

Can anyone tell me, why we are creating G/L accounts in FSP0 and FS00 differently?


  • T-code FS00: Edit G/L Account Centrally
  • T-code FSP0: Edit G/L Account Chart of Accounts Data
  • If a GA is created using transaction code FSP0 under a COA of one Company Code then no other company codes access that G/L account whereas GA is created using transaction code FS00 then that GA account is created centrally for all Company codes that use the same Chart of Accounts.
  • When we create the Chart of Account centrally we use FS00 whereas when we need to create Chart of Account only for a segment we use FSP0.
  • FSP0 is only created at the chart of accounts level, By this GL account will not be created completely we need to extend the same GL in company code level by using FS00.. N number of companies can use the same chart of accounts but the thing we should extend separately at the company code level.