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Business Place Screen Regeneration Steps GSTIN

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Business Place Screen Regeneration Steps GSTIN

Please follow Business Place Screen Regeneration Steps below:

Change view J_1BBRANCV

  • First execute T-code SE11.
  • And then select the View radio button
  • Now enter the name as J_1BBRANCV and then choose the Change button
  • Now please update the table maintenance for this view by selecting the menu path: Utilities -> Table maintenance generator in the change mode.

Note: Please ensure that the details screen number must be 121 if there is a different screen number do not proceed.

  • Now select the New field/Sec.table, Normal field checkboxes and Press Enter.
  • Save and activate
  • And then choose Utitlities -> Table Maintenance Generator.
  • Now double click on the screen number in the Single Screen field (containing value 121) and click on the button.
  • Please ensure that the screen groupings remain untouched by retrieving the last active version of the screen 121.
  • Now add the box (named IN) and the GSTIN field (within the box) manually for screen 121.

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