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Job Profile & Salary Package for SAP QM Consultant

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Job Profile & Salary Package for SAP QM Consultant

Become a Certified SAP QM Consultant

SAP QM certification is a valuable tool in the hands of professionals from different backgrounds. The coveted job profiles are those of SAP QM consultants, SAP QM senior consultants and SAP QM managers.

While freshers with a certification in the SAP QM module can expect average salaries of INR 2.21 lacs p.a .with a reputed organization; the bonuses and salary packages for more experienced candidates can go up to 2.3 lacs p.a. for SAP QM professionals having one year of experience and up to 9.64 lacs p.a for those with 3 years of experience.

Companies like Accenture Service Pvt. Ltd., Kennametal India Ltd with a salary package of 41.4 lacs p .a, and JSW Ispat (Ispat Industries) with 22 lacs p.a. are the top paying organizations for professionals focusing on a career in SAP QM.

Most SAP QM consultants are those with a B.Tech or BE background (getting an average salary of 6.96 lacs p. a); SAP CRMs comprising of 2.6 percent of the work force (10 lac p. a. average salaries) and MBAs or M.Techs with a background in SAP QM ( average salaries of 9.4 lacs p.a.) and so forth.

With so much and a lot more in store, this module paves the way to a flourishing career in the field of Quality Management. Go for it.


  • 01 Feb 2018 4:01 pm Helpful Answer

    Job and Salary profile

    SAP QM certification opens gateway of jobs in new dimensions for professionals from different backgrounds. The job profile can be of SAP QM consultant, SAP QM senior consultant, SAP QM Manager.

    The fresher with SAP QM module certification can easily make a opening in good reputed organization with average salaries of 2.21 lacs p.a.

    But with experience the salary packages and bonuses keep on increasing and top paying companies for professionals focusing on SAP QM in India is Kennametal India Ltd with salary package of 41.4 lacs p .a followed by JSW Ispat (Ispat Industries) 22 lacs p.a.

    Companies offer on average of 2.3 lacs p.a to SAP QM professionals with 1 year of experience and with 3 years experience companies like Accenture Service pvt ltd offer 9.64 lacs p.a.

    The majority of work force working as SAP QM consultant comprise of professionals from B.Tech or BE background and their average salary is of 6.96 lacs p. a but on the other hand MTech professional who comprises of 2.6 % of the work force as SAP CRM are paid salaries of 10 lac p. a. average salaries of MBA professionals as SAP QM is 9.4 lacs p.a.