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Stock-relevant lots in unrestricted use stock

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Stock-relevant lots in unrestricted use stock

In the material master (QM view), the 'Post to inspection stock' indicator is not set for a stock-relevant inspection type.Nevertheless, inspection lots which were created within a goods movement (goods receipt, stock transfer) are relevant to stock (the status I0203 as SPRQ is active) and the stock overview is displayed in the transactions of the usage decision. You can or should execute stock postings.´The same applies to 'Ship to Stock' or 'Skip to Stock'.
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If the indicator for posting to inspection stock has not been set, for the inspection lot creation, the stock is directly posted in the unrestricted-use stock. Nevertheless, the inspection lot is stock-relevant (status BERF (SPRQ)).
In the usage decision, the stock view is displayed and you can carry out postings.
The entire quantity to be posted of the inspection lot must be assigned to one or to several stock types in the stock view of the usage decision. As a result, the inspection lot receives status 'BEND' (stock posting completed (SPCO)).
All postings in the usage decision in accordance with 'Unrestricted use' relieve the inspection lot stock by the stock posted, however, they do not lead to a material movement since originally the inspection lot stock had already been or still is in 'Unrestricted use'.
That is, the system does not display an error message even if the quantity that has been posted for 'Unrestricted use' in the usage decision is currently not available anymore in the unrestricted-use stock.
With all other postings, for example, for the blocked stock, however, the quantity to be posted must currently be available in stock 'Unrestricted use' since a material posting is always carried out in these cases.
If this is not the case, the system will display error message M7021.
The used movement types are stored in Customizing.
For these goods movements (and relieving in accordance with 'Unrestricted use'), you can store stock proposals in the usage decision code or you can carry out automatic stock postings.