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Any Variant Capabilities in CM07 Report

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Any Variant Capabilities in CM07 Report

I am executing the CM07 report whuich is the Variable Capacity Planning Report.

Out of which, I like the results because I obtain the fields I need by going thru the individual ''choose fields'' button.

However in 4,6c) it does seem to have any variant capabilities ???

I have to reenter the fields selection every item I back out of the report ... Which is a bit anoying !!!

Anyone has any recipes for this so that columns/criterias selected can be save guarded for the next time ???

There are Variant list capabilities for CM07 Capacity report.

Mainly via PS-> Information Systems->Resources->Tools->Resources->Selection->General Profile (OPA6) and also

via PS-> Information Systems->Resources->Tools->Resources->Selection-> Variant List Poifile Details (OPDT).

You create a new ''Z'' Variant Profile list with all the fields that you want to select and show in yopur CM0? report .

Be carefull to click correctly on the greenish/yellowish arrow to bring up the field selections pop up window...

Than associate this new Z Variant Profile to a newly defined ''Z'' General Profile...

Then after you can override with othe Variant Lists in the profile selection of the CM07 report txn. itself if needed...

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