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Top Highest Paid Oil and Gas Companies Which Uses SAPWe all understand and would agree to the fact that a professional qualification like SAP does definitely give you an edge over the others apart from providing you with a good salary structure. There are quite a few modules available in SAP ( Systems, Applications, Products in Data Processing.)...

APJ Net Revenue in SAP Surges 137percent: Robust Revenue and Cloud Support in Q1SAP, the giant providers of enterprise-application software operating out of Germany, have kick started their performance in 2015 with some phenomenal figures in the Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) regions. The Company has recorded significant growth in the core areas of cloud support and...

SAP is Complex: Is there an Easier Way to Say This?Though the SAP software presents an extremely customer-friendly exterior, it remains enormously complex; wherein it needs millions of lines in code for effective functioning in a large enterprise. 'The lack of code quality is a pressing issue on SAP’s 100,000-plus...

20 Tips and Tricks to Crack Jobs in SAPThe most common problem that most of us have faced at the beginning of our career is how do we get our first job without any experience, and the dilemma is we can’t get an experience without a job! However, many a times employers prefer fresher’s who come with a fresh bent of mind...

Why is SAP Considered as one of the Highest Paid Jobs?Candidates who are looking for employment wants to acquire SAP certification as it offer extraordinary compensation. The most widely used ERP system currently is SAP due to which a SAP consultant gets lots of opportunities. The extensive use of SAP (Systems, Applications, Products in Data...





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