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CIN Installation and SPs Interview Questions and Answers

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CIN Installation and SPs Interview Questions and Answers

FAQ: Country Version India (CIN)- Installation and SPs 

1. Which are the R3 versions on which CIN is available?

CIN is available in R3 40B 46B and 46C only.

2. How long is each version of CIN supported?

Current supported versions of CIN are

  • CIN22B on R3 40B until December 2006
  • CIN30A on R3 46B until December 2006
  • CIN40A on R3 46C until December 2009

3. Are there any language versions for CIN?

No CIN is available only in English.

4. Are there any code page restrictions for CIN while using with other language versions?

No there are no code page restrictions for CIN. CIN does not need a codepage by itself. So it can be put with other languages.

5. When should I install CIN?

You can install CIN after the R3 upgrade is over at any time. It is recommended that you do it along with the R3 upgrade.

6. How long does a CIN installation take ?

The time depends on the hardware that is available. If 4 processors and 2 GB RAM is allocated to that instance then it takes about 40 minutes. The maximum time is about 1.5 hrs .

7. Even after CIN is installed when I try to run any CIN program system is saying CIN is not installed. Why?

You need to apply note 411079 if you are in CIN 40A .

8. If another add-on is already installed then can I install CIN on top of it?

You need to take permission from the other add-on for this process. Contact SAP Support.

9. Can I have CIN as well as other Add-ons in one box?

You can have multiple add-ons technically in one box from 46C onwards. But before doing this you need to contact SAP support who can guide for the necessary precautions.

10. Are there any installations with multiple country versions in one client ?

There are installations with multiple country versions in one client. From 46C onwards CIN is technically conflict free and can exist with other country versions. However the installation process of  multiple add-ons is not stright forward and you must consult SAP Support.

11. If I am already in a higher Support pack than is required by the add-on how do I proceed?

For CIN40A the limit is only on the minimum Support pack level. If you already above that, then this does not cause any problem.

12. How do I know which support pack I should move onto?

It is always beneficial to move to the latest support pack which is supported by CIN.  This will ensure that all the known errors until that point are solved. For knowing which is the approved level for India, look into note 81456. This note gets updated whenever there is a new add-on patch for CIN. You can can look at the existing support packages at the service marketplace also.

13. After importing support packs will the functionality change ?

Support packages are collections of notes and should not change the basic functionality. They are mainly bug fixes. The support package gives a list of notes for which the corrections are included.

14. Do I need to do an integration test after CIN support package import ?

Some testing is required for the critical processes after a support package implementation. It would also be a good practice to keep some CATTs to be done after every Suppot Package (SP) import.

15. What is a CRT ?

CRT stands for Conlfict Resolution transport. Some add-ons change the core R3 code. So when R3 comes up with Support packages there can be situations when the add-on modified code gets over written. In  such scenarios the add-on will have to provide a conflict resolution transport after merging the new R3 source with add-on corrections. As a customer what needs to be kept in mind is that if there there is a CRT for a SP then both needs to be applied together. This is handled by the SAP Patch manager tool SPAM

16. Will I get a CRT in CIN40A ?
CIN40A does not carry any modifications to R3 core. So you will not get any CRT's in CIN40A. However you will get Add-on patches in CIN40A which are collections of CIN notes bundled together.  They need some specific Support pack level of R3  for technical reasons.

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