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The R/3 system starting error Interview Questions and Answers

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The R/3 system starting error Interview Questions and Answers

The R/3 system no longer starts FAQs related to them.

[1] Question: I have changed the password of the SAPService<SID>/<SID>adm user.The system now issues the following error message when starting the R/3 system:
Error: 1069 The service did not start due to a logon failure
Where else do I have to change the new password?

You must also enter the new password in the SAP<SID>_<Inst_number> SAP service.To do this, open 'Services', select the relevant service and change the password.

[2] Question: After stopping the R/3 system, I cannot restart it. What can I do?

Have you made changes to the profile files?You may have made these changes some time ago but they are only activated when the system is restarted.
Proceed as follows:
- Check the following profile files:
  Default, start and instance profile,
for incorrect values/entries, for example, incorrect host name, incorrect values for buffer sizes and so on.
- Were the last lines in the files confirmed with 'Return'?
- In addition, check the 'services' file.The last line in this file must also end with 'Return'.

It may be necessary to only retain the most important parameters (see below) in the instance profile and to remove all other values.Try restarting the system with this profile.If the system restarts, you must then analyze which of the parameters/values has caused the problem.

The minimum configuration of the instance profile of a central instance is:

SAPSYSTEM = <Inst_number>

rdisp/wp_no_dia = 2
rdisp/wp_no_vb = 1
rdisp/wp_no_vb2 = 1
rdisp/wp_no_enq = 1
rdisp/wp_no_btc = 1
rdisp/wp_no_spo = 1

[3] Question: Why can't I restart the R/3 system after importing a new kernel patch?

Valid as of Release 4.5B:
After importing a new kernel patch, the SAP snapin no longer contains any server information for the SAP system. The following error message is displayed:
'Cannot connect to SAP Service on <host>:80029C4A. Error loading
type library/DLL'

The following error message is displayed:

CreateNamedPipe for <host>pipeSAP<sid>_<instanceNumber> Failed,
Extended Error #2
Start service SAP<sid>_<instanceNumber> on machine <host>
StartService of SAP<sid>_<instanceNumber> failed. Error#: 1056
Start (StartSAPService) failed.

To correct the problem, stop the SAP service in the Control Panel.Start a 'command prompt' and switch to the directory with the executable SAPSTARTSRV.EXE file.Call 'sapstartsrv.exe -t ' from the command line and confirm the dialog box. This should reregister the Type library contained in SAPSTARTSRV.The snapin should work again.When replacing the kernel again, you should bear in mind that the old service executable file will simply be overwritten when the SAP service is stopped. You can create a backup before the import.

[4] Question: What can I do if the R/3 system does not start, the status is yellow in the MMC and the MMC contains the following message:
'Running but Dialog Queue standstill'?

The following parameter can ONLY be set if you have installed a 4.6D kernel with at least PL 404. If your system meets these requirements, add the following parameter to the instance profile:
em/reserve_mapping_window = on.
The parameter no longer applies to Release 6.20 or newer.

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